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General Information

TCU College of Fine Arts consists of the School of Art, The School for Classical & Contemporary Dance, the Department of Graphic Design, the Department of Interior Design and Fashion Merchandising, the School of Music, and the Department of Theatre. The school designation indicates the unit has achieved national accreditation in the discipline.

For location and contact information for each area within the College of Fine Arts, click here.

Current Undergraduates

As necessary, each semester College of Fine Arts students may:
Request Pre-Approval for an Overload: Overload Pre-Approval Request Form

Among the requirements for graduation and per the TCU Catalog, each College of Fine Arts undergraduate student must:

  • Declare his/her major – This defines their degree plan. Students may do this via the Student Center on
  • Request a Degree Plan Audit- Once half the minimum requirements have been completed (54 hours/rising junior classification). This form completion will prompt dean’s office staff to review enrollments to date and provide analytical feedback regarding remaining degree plan requirements (i.e. their major). Students can request this by filling out the Request for Audit of Degree Plan Progress.
    Enrollment audits by staff, in no way, supersede the student’s personal responsibility for knowing and meeting degree requirements.
  • Declare their intent to graduate- Once they have enrolled in the majority of degree requirements (94 hours/2 long semesters remaining). Students may declare this by filling out the Intent to Graduate form.

Questions about the enrollment process, advising, or degree plan requirements may be directed to the student’s academic advisor, the department of their major, or by emailing .

URCA information sheet

URCA application form

Transfer Students

Approval for Transfer Courses Instructions (PDF)
This form is used to get approval for transfer credit; prior approval from the dean’s office is always required for transfer coursework.

CORE Transfer Equivalency Guide (PDF)
The transfer courses listed in this guide are the ones that TCU accepts toward the TCU CORE. Additionally, the numbers associated with the courses on this form are the Texas Common Course numbers. If the course you wish to take does not use the Texas Common Course numbers, then please use the course title to determine whether or not your class might work as a transfer class.

Transfer of Major Coursework Form (PDF)
This form is used when transfer coursework is not approved for the major online.

CLEP Test Approval Form (PDF)

*Email completed forms to , along with a brief explanation in support of the form submitted.

Graduate Program

Advanced study and creative work are vital at TCU’s College of Fine Arts; approximately seventy-six graduate students enrich the college while earning graduate degrees in the arts.

We offer Master’s degrees in Art History, Dance, Music and Studio Art. Please click on these links to find detailed information about the departments and their programs.

Applying for admission into our graduate programs is now easier than ever with our online information and application forms.

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