Arts Administration Minor

Art_Admin_SquareThe College of Fine Arts’ minor degree in Arts Administration program provides a rare opportunity for undergraduates to gain awareness of the skills and knowledge needed to produce and present the fine and performing arts while exploring the diverse range of careers possible in this dynamic field.

The two integrated arts administration courses, recommended for juniors and seniors, introduce participants to the non-profit business model and operations characteristic of the majority of arts organizations in the United States. Seminar-style class discussion ranges from non-profit ethics to artist contracts and environmental forces shaping the next generation of arts audiences and producers. Emphasis is placed on gaining real-world insight and experience and enhanced aesthetic awareness through:

  • Discussions with area non-profit and arts leaders
  • Field trips
  • Assignments based on field experience
  • Internship opportunities with key arts organizations in the metroplex

To complete the 18 hours of course work required for this innovated program, students take select courses offered by the M. J. Neeley School of Business as well as an aesthetic course offered by a department in the College of Fine Arts outside of their major. Undergraduate students completing majors in the College of Fine Arts as well as students pursuing other courses of study may pursue an Arts Administration minor with permission of the program administrator.



Required Courses:

BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE (9 credit hours)

ACCT 20653 – Introduction to Accounting – 3 hours
Prerequisites: sophomore standing. An introduction to accounting, financial reporting, and financial decision making for non-business students, including the use of accounting information by parties external to an organization (financial accounting) and by management (managerial accounting).

MANA 30653 – Survey of Management – 3 hours
Prerequisites: Junior standing; completion of ACCT 20653 or concurrent enrollment. Survey of Management exposes students to the basic knowledge and skills that future managers will need to be effective. A student in this course will learn about the environment of business and the issues facing modern managers and employees such as how to engage in effective decision making, planning, and strategic processes that help guide organizations; how to best organize and manage organizations for maximum effectiveness; how to lead and motivate employees and how to work in teams.

MARK 30653 – Principles of Marketing – 3 hours
Prerequisites: completion of ACCT 20653 or concurrent enrollment. This course introduces the theory and practice of marketing, including the basic structure of getting products/services to market; the fundamentals of marketing: consumer research, product planning, promotion of all types, distribution channels, pricing, and retail merchandising.


3 credit hours chosen from the following:

ARHI 10043 Survey of Art

ARHI 20503 Survey Topics in Art History

DANC 10453 Dance In World Cultures

DANC 40373 Dance History I

DANC 40383 Dance History II

MUSI 10033 Survey of Jazz & Pop

MUSI 10053 Survey of Music

MUSI 10073 Rock to Bach

THEA 11003 Survey of Theatre

THEA 11013 Survey of Musical Theatre

[Fine Arts Majors must choose from classes outside of their Major.]


AADM 30103 The Arts Organization – 3 hours
The course begins with a historic overview of the non-profit organization, and continues with an exploration of non-profit structure and governance, and the variety of careers and organizations found within the nonprofit sector. Students will analyze the various factors that influence arts organizations, and how arts organizations, in turn, affect the world around us.

AADM 40103 Management in the Arts – 3 hours
Prerequisite: AADM 30103 or permission of instructor. This course introduces students to the practical skills needed to successfully manage an arts organization. Students will explore internal processes, such as budgeting and accountability, and the external relationships that the arts manager must navigate, such as development and fundraising, marketing and audience development, and education and outreach.


AADM 40903 Internship in Arts Administration – 3 hours
Prerequisite: AADM 40103. Students will be placed in an active role within a local arts organization. 12 hours per week is the expected minimum. Students will also meet monthly with the program administrator.

Students will also meet monthly with the program administrator to discuss expectations, goals, and reflect on achievements to date. To date, TCU Arts Administration students have gained experience in internships with the following organizations:

Amon Carter Museum

Artes de la Rosa

Arts Council of Fort Worth and Tarrant County

Dallas Museum of Art

Fine Arts Chamber Players

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Gallery 440 / JO Design

Kimbell Art Museum

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Fort Worth Opera

Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra

Stage West

Van Cliburn Foundation

Warren Douglas Advertising



Katherine B. Ware, Adjunct Professor

Katherine B. Ware earned her MBA as well as a Master of Arts in Arts Administration from SMU following undergraduate study at Rhodes College (Memphis, TN). At Rhodes, she graduated cum laude with a BA in Theatre & Media Arts, also earning the College’s Honors distinction with the publication of her undergraduate thesis, Direction and Dilemma: A Survey of the Objectives, Evolution and Problems of American Regional Theatre.

As a contractor, Katherine has provided strategic planning assistance to the College of Fine Arts throughout 2016. Other clients include the Arts Council of Silicon Valley, the Arts Council of Fort Worth, Ascend Concepts and Artes de la Rosa; as a volunteer, she works with the Texas Commission on the Arts, Kids Who Care, and the Live Theatre League of Tarrant County. Previously, she served as Managing Director of Jubilee Theatre in downtown Fort Worth, and for three years as Vice President–Community Programs for the Arts Council of Fort Worth & Tarrant County. In this capacity, she oversaw all programming offered by the agency to the local arts community as well as managing all mass media channels, including print, social media and its online event resource, She also served as a grant review panelist for the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs of as well as the Texas Commission on the Arts. For more than two years, she was program administrator for the Arts Council’s comprehensive grant program.

Over the course of her career, Katherine has garnered invaluable professional experiences in a variety of creative mediums: from back stage work (stage management, light board operation, set construction, speaker support) to program management (tour coordination, season marketing, line producing). She has worked and managed employees in traditional, for-profit offices and also has enjoyed several years as a self-employed, freelance contractor. She has been part of production teams working in traditional theatres as well as working in ballrooms and convention centers, in film/video studios and “on location” for production shoots as well as live broadcasts.

Katherine served as an Executive Committee Board member for the Junior League of Fort Worth, was recognized as that organization’s Outstanding Active and remains a sustaining member of the organization.